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We have been around here to serve Indonesia and Overseas customers in IT Application and Infrastructure area. The best, skillful and certified professionals are built not only to provide solutions, but also to help you to discover the value that can get from the implementation of business solutions.

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We are currently in a digital age that is changing rapidly. Where all people or companies must always adapt to these changes so that their business can survive and grow well.

And we all realize that no company is expert in all fields of business. Fortunately there is the best way to overcome the challenges of this era, which is synergy.

We have experience and expertise in information technology solutions, for anyone who needs this field, let's grow together with us.

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A Definition of Business Analytics

Analytics is basically the study of data. Then how do you learn, what is learned, and why data needs to be learned? The answer to this question determines how much benefit you can get when applying analytics in your business.

Most people will dwell on the tools used in business analytics. But We prefer to apply analytics by conducting direct discussions with you and using the approach with the questions above. Make IT simple but directly provide positive benefits to the business..

What is the importance of AI in everyday human life?

The way humans make decisions and determine the right response to problems that arise is the basic principle used in AI technology. So AI simulates human intelligence processes using computers. These processes include learning (processing information), reasoning (considering making decisions), and making self-corrections to the knowledge previously learned.

With this AI capability, Artificial Intelligence becomes an important part of our daily lives. Whether we realize it or not, the products we have purchased or the convenience of services that we enjoy have used AI as the main support for the technology used.

Know about the Internet of Things

Mr. Barnes from the Cisco System describes IoT as smart connectivity from smart devices with which objects can feel and communicate with each other, thereby changing how and by whom decisions about our physical world are made. Referring to this definition, it feels like we are all now entering the IoT era. The era of automation and smart sensors in almost all fields.


About ALT

We’re a Indonesian IT consulting and managed services provider that designs, manages, and optimises today’s evolving technology environments to enable your business to leverage data in a digital age.

Our IT consulting services team consists of highly talented individuals with deep industry expertise, broad global knowledge, and proven experiences in consulting based on a culture of professionalism, best practice adoption, open minded and receptive to new ideas.

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We have been on IT solutions for 11 years helping you compete on Business and converting your challenge into your Strong Benefits.

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